Monday, October 12, 2009

Anticipating Water

My next appointment with the orthopedic surgeon is on October 20, and there's a good possibility that after another round of x-rays, I'll go home skinny-legged and castless. If this is true and my leg is finally set free I can take a shower. A real shower, with cascades of hot water and plenty of soap and steam and solitude. And because these days, I'm unable to concentrate on anything anyway, I find myself planning this long awaited ritual down to the smallest detail. There are so many questions: Where will I have it? How long will it be? What will I take with me?

I don't want to think about what my leg looks like under there, but I'm sure it's nothing a sharp razor and more rehab can't fix.

The shower in my house is out of the question, There are good bars in the tub/shower area but the bath always made it difficult to get in and out. Yes I could've probably wrapped my cast in plastic and duct tape but no way in hell, I'm going to risk falling and reinjuring myself. I don't know anyone else in Montclair or New Jersey for that matter that has a private accessible shower so this leaves the Y.

The Y has an area called the "Family Changing Room" which is two large bathrooms both of which have showers. One of the showers is completely accessible. I can lock the door behind me.There's a long bar against a wall, an adjustable showerhead, it's roll-in. There's even a shower chair but I notice that two of the rubber tips on the back legs are missing which makes the legs dangerously uneven. It's the kind of thing bipeds aren't likely to notice, a shower chair screaming LAWSUIT. I'll have to tell the maintenance guy. I'll bring my own shower chair. Have shower chair, will travel. If it seems like I'm rambling well I am, counting the days and choosing fresh towels. I can only hope that the Y has an endless supply of hot water. All I know is, I never want to take another sponge bath again.

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